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MEDIUM – the agency for successful online marketing
With a successful online marketing strategy for even more digital reach

Digital visibility is a hard currency in online marketing. We develop a customised and data-driven online marketing strategy for greater reach and digital visibility.

With us, your online marketing strategy will become a success story.

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Online advertising for more success in your target group

Our digital marketing solutions

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

    An important part of your online strategy is the organic visibility of your website in search engines. A website must not only fulfil technical requirements, the content in particular must be constantly checked and adapted for relevance in the target group.

  • Search engine advertising (SEA)

    Search engine advertising (SEA) refers to the placement of paid adverts in the search results pages (SERPs) of search engines such as Google or Bing: Google or Bing.

    The adverts are placed for previously defined keywords. This means that when a user searches for a specific term in the search engine, the appropriate advert is displayed - depending on the bidding strategy and target group definition.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    A large proportion of advertising banners on German websites are displayed via so-called programmatic ad servers. This makes it possible to display banners on websites or apps from the central servers. Targeting allows you to reach your target group very precisely.

  • E-Mail Marketing

    Email marketing is the digital form of printed mailings and a useful tool for addressing target groups in a personalised and individual way. We develop customised digital mailing solutions - from strategy to implementation and analysis.

  • Social Media Marketing

    "Follow us" is now written on almost every company website or in email signatures. Online marketing on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & Co. has become an integral part of a company's communication strategy. Whether eCommerce, recruiting or brand awareness, we work with you to develop a customised social media strategy for your goals.

  • LinkedIn-Ads

    LinkedIn is the leading business network and ideal for generating leads in the B2B sector. We develop targeted ad campaigns to generate leads, share expert knowledge or increase brand awareness in the target group.

Analysis and monitoring tools

Digital marketing strategy

Six steps to a digital marketing strategy

  • 1. Target group definition

    Target group expertise is an important step for a successful online strategy. Develop your buyer personas and gather lots of information on behaviour, interests, intentions and touchpoints.

  • 2. Target definition

    Define your marketing and sales targets (key performance indicators/KPIs) and use them to measure the success of the campaign. At the same time, select the digital marketing tools you need to implement the campaign.

  • 3. Analyse your existing channels

    Analyse your existing digital channels and campaigns. They serve as a good source of data to improve future campaigns and optimise budgets.

  • 4. Plan your campaign

    The next step is to plan your campaign: define the channels where you can best reach your target group and your target groups. Weigh up whether you want to use your own digital marketing channels (owned media) or whether you want to invest in additional reach (paid media).

  • 5. Let's go!

    Publicise your campaign and make sure that you always have a "Plan B". In other words, run campaigns against each other to achieve the best results (A/B testing).

  • 6. Monitoring/Reporting

    "You can't manage, what you don't measure": this old marketing adage is especially true in online marketing. Using analysis tools, you can check the performance of campaigns as well as the behaviour of target groups and thus permanently optimise campaigns. Like a DJ at his mixing desk.

"You can't manage what you don't measure!" This quote from the American economist Peter F. Drucker is a key principle for successful online marketing. Only those who continuously monitor and optimise the performance of online campaigns will achieve long-term success.
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